MAAC partners with highly qualified vendors on a countywide basis through a competitive bid process.

Depending on the scope of work and at the discretion of MAAC, the organization will make available two types of processes: 1) Request for Qualifications (RFQ); and/or, 2) Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Registration & Access to RFQ/RFP: If you are interested in submitting a proposal in response to a posted RFQ or RFP, you must register below. You are responsible for your registration and for downloading the RFQ or RFP directly from the table below. As each RFQ or RFP will have different requirements and timelines, please be sure to review the instructions carefully.

Contact with MAAC Staff: To ensure that the procurement process is transparent, competitive and fair all correspondence or contact with MAAC staff regarding any RFQ and/or RFP must be submitted in writing to the specified contact and within the specified time frame. Please no phone calls, drop-in visits or requests for appointments.

Current RFQ/RFP Opportunities
Available DateRFP/RFQDescriptionClosing DateDownload Link
December 19, 2016RFP No. 2016-06Annoucement MAAC RFP - Appliance Services - Cooktops, Ranges & RefrigeratorsJanuary 6, 2017annoucement-maac-rfp-appliance-services-cooktops-ranges-refrigerators
December 19, 2016RFP No. 2016-06MAAC Request for Proposals - Appliance ServicesJanuary 6, 2017maac-request-for-proposals-appliance-services
December 19, 2016RFP No. 2016-07Annoucement MAAC RFP - Furnaces, Air Conditioners / Evaporative CoolerJanuary 6, 2017annoucement-maac-rfp-furnaces-air-conditioners-evaporative-cooler
December 19, 2016RFP No. 2016-07MAAC Request for Proposals - Furnaces and Air Conditioners / Evaporative CoolersJanuary 6, 2017maac-request-for-proposals-furnaces-and-air-conditioners-evaporative-coolers
December 19, 2016RFP No. 2016-08Annoucement MAAC RFP - Water Heaters and High Efficient ToiletsJanuary 6, 2017annoucement-maac-rfp-water-heaters-and-high-efficient-toilets
December 19, 2016RFP No. 2016-08MAAC Request for Proposals - Water Heaters and High Efficient ToiletsJanuary 6, 2017maac-request-for-proposals-water-heaters-and-high-efficient-toilets
October 21, 2016RFP No. 2016-05Janitorial ServicesNovember 28, 2016rfp-no-2016-05-janitorial-services-r